Book Promotion Ideas?

So, there has been a little bit of buzz in the Facebook indie community asking fellow authors what works as far as expanding exposure and audience. I have to admit, with Sanguine Malum coming up, I am very interested to hear what people have had success with.

Unfortunately, with DIY research on the subject, it’s difficult to be certain which outfits are legitimate and which ones are there to take your money and spam a link to empty followers/bots. I’ve read that blog tours and interviews are great, and of course the tried-and-true promo sites like BookBub for discounted books, but that one can be a little pricey for a fledgling author with a negative budget.

Do any of you have promo sites/blogs/avenues that you would suggest? Let me know in the comments!

(There may be a follow-up post to this, but I wanted to throw some feelers out, first.)




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