I’m Probably Too Old for This: Tumblr — Part Two, and Snapchat

Some of you may remember my crash and burn attempt to try out Tumblr a while back. Apparently, I did it wrong and got myself booted.  Too much promo (really not that much promo but whatever).

It took me a while to decide to try again, but I am determined to give it another shot. So, if you’re into that sort of thing here it is: MY TUMBLR BLOG THING OR WHATEVER

Mostly it’s going to be writing stuff, nerdy stuff, funny stuff, and just maybe a random quote or two from my books. I’ll keep cool on the book promos until I’ve figured out the lay of the land, I think.

Another new-fangled thing I’ve decided to try is Snapchat. I’m lilavalesnap if you care to add me and lurk around. Or, you can use my snapcode to add me.


I’m not sure how exciting I’ll be to follow, but it can’t hurt… right? Right!

Here’s to spreading my social media outreach! Now, back to Sang Mal.

Later gators,



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