Wicked Weather

Man, oh man. This has been an eye-opening week. Our area got slammed with a nasty storm that sent two tornadoes through our city (I think 5 tornadoes through the area, total) and let me tell you — if I wasn’t paying attention before, I certainly am now. As some of you know, this is … More Wicked Weather

Sunday Funday!

… Eh, maybe? If you follow my author page on Facebook, you’ll know I’m working on a guest post for another blog which I hope to finish up today. Fingers crossed! I would’ve had it done already, I swear, but local weather had other plans for me and knocked out our internet for a few … More Sunday Funday!

Trigger Warnings?

I made a post about this on the Indie Book Network, but I know some of you don’t troll the forums all too often, so I figured I’d make a blog about it to see what the general consensus is. Trigger Warnings – Yes or No? I typically put trigger warnings on my books, just … More Trigger Warnings?