Happy Friday! Weekend reads?

Greetings! I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet since I have a self-imposed deadline to get back to on Chorus Mortem, but I thought I’d take a sec to wish you all a happy weekend! Also, I thought hey, this might be a good spot to fish for some good reads since I’ve been … More Happy Friday! Weekend reads?


I do a lot of lurking around the internet, usually at oddities or strange circumstances or even just interesting lore surrounding supernatural creatures and the like. Along the way, tidbits of information kind of cling to the back of my brain like brambles and I pick them out when the time comes to put them … More Lurk!

Paperbacks, Audiobooks, and just general release excitement!!

My proofs for Sanguine Malum arrived and they are perfect!! That has to be one of my favorite parts of the publishing process, finally holding something in my hands that started as a tiny flicker of an idea. It’s just too cool, and exciting, and gratifying, and… well, you get the point! Ready to have … More Paperbacks, Audiobooks, and just general release excitement!!

Signed Paperbacks!

It’s crunch time!! Sanguine Malum is almost here! Prepare for a few posts as I finish these last-minute thingies up! FIRST THING – I finally have my very own signed paperback form! Since I’ve got so many co-written books with Kyle Perkins and we already sign those together, we can combine orders if you decide … More Signed Paperbacks!