The Mother, the Author, the Romance Legend.

Love this article by one of my fav indie authors, Brianna West!

Author Kyle Perkins

Before I start my little list of the five ways one successfully (or unsuccessfully) maintains a professional status as both mother and author, I’d like to acknowledge that, for the most part, many of us exist and many of us are just as pent up, desperate, and in dire need of release. There’s a lot of people out there that have misconceptions of how parenting can look when one of those people doing the parenting is an author. Especially if it’s the mother and in a genre that generally has a little (or a lot) of sex.


#1—We Don’t Write ‘Mom’ Romance

Okay, this is actually a true-to-life assumption I’ve gotten on many occasions. I have kids—I haven’t died or lost all substance. My being a mother doesn’t weaken my ability to be creative. I’m a goddamn pervert; I have kids, I remind you. Though I sometimes forget it in…

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