10 Things You Only Learn by Being a Ghostwriter

Author Kyle Perkins

By Sondi Warner
As a ghostwriter for nearly a decade, I’ve worked with major publishing houses, established authors, amateurs and content mills, and along the way I’ve seen the publishing industry from an interesting perspective: The Bottom Up.
Here are the 10 Things You Only Learn by Being a Ghostwriter:

10. You’re a Cheaply Paid Hitman

The job of ghostwriting is mercenary work, and everything happens under the table like hiring a hitman or a prostitute. Often, confidentiality agreements are signed. Think: Christian Grey’s Sex Contract. You’ll agree on the word count, payment and deadlines, but you can’t talk about what you’re doing or for whom, which is totally cool since you often don’t know exactly who’s pulling the purse strings anyway.
You’ll trade services that don’t typically enter polite writer conversation because readers like to believe their favorite authors are truly that prolific; and, frankly, authors aren’t too proud…

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