Interview: Speculative Fiction Emporium

Interview on Kyle’s blog about Speculative Fiction Emporium! 🙂

Author Kyle Perkins

by Kyle Perkins
So, I sat down with the owner of “Speculative Fiction Emporium” to discuss what makes her group different from others. Most indie groups are just spammy pimping groups, and I want to find all of the groups throughout the web that are different. So, this will be a new thing that you will see on my blog periodically, and possibly weekly depending on what I dredge up. I just want to find the groups where discussion is encouraged, and artists are celebrated. There are more than enough advertising going around, I want to find the groups that help us grow as authors/artists. If you have a cool and unique group, or know someone that does, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to hear from you!

  1. So what’s it like running your own group?

It is like all of my lifelong hopes and dreams have finally been…

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