Checking in!

Well, hello there!

I thought I’d post a little update since I haven’t blogged in a while — check in, let y’all know where I’m at with CM — the usual. I am pleased to report that my Chorus Mortem draft is over halfway done and things are getting pretty dang intense over in my imaginary vamp land! Truth be told, I wanted to be finished with it by now, but my schedule has bounced all over lately, so I’m just pecking away at the keys whenever I get a moment throughout the day. Thankfully, I still tend to get a lot in, even when it’s in short little bursts. My hope is to get a few good, long stretches in here this weekend so I can comfortably start looking at things like covers, setting up a pre-order, etc. A lot of authors are fine with doing these things well beforehand, but I’m still not confident enough in my writing speed to take that leap just yet (it’s a damn shame, too, since a deadline can be a huge motivation). Unfortunately, for me, I have a tendency to self-edit as I go, which makes for a decent first draft, but also slows down my writing speed significantly. I’m working on learning to just let go and blast through a buncha words, but it’s a hard habit to break.

So the plan is, finish the draft and then get the blurb hammered out, etc. Honestly, I could do that now, but it’s one of those things I tend to put off until I have to because it is such a challenge for me. Summing up a whole novel in a handful of sentences is… arduous. When it comes to that, I may revisit the blurb for Sang Mal and I’m also playing with the idea of getting a new cover for SM to match CM, too. It’s exciting, but bittersweet. I really like what I have for SM and it was a neat experience to do the whole thing on my own, but it’ll be really cool to see what someone else can do with the concept.

Anyway, we’ll see. There’s a whole lot to line up after the thing is written and I’m rusty on everything. Just have to take it all one day at a time… and this day is all about the words.

With that, I’ll go on my merry way and knock out another chapter (fingers crossed!) Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! And if you’re a mom or you’re celebrating yours, I hope your Mother’s Day is absolutely perfect!

Thanks for reading,

❤ Lila

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