May the Fourth be with You!

Story time! I thought I’d share a look into my neurotic, nerdy head.

When planning a release date for Sanguine Malum, I knew I wanted to get it out as soon as possible since I was already way past my self-imposed deadline, but I also wanted to avoid an April release since I knew there were a handful of really great books being released one after the other and I didn’t want to poke my face in there and overwhelm people with events and books to read and all that stuff that comes with awesome new releases.

So, early May it was! (I was far too impatient for anything later than that.)

The first date I thought of was May 4th, and this is where the nerd thing comes in… my legitimate thought was, “Well, that’s Star Wars Day. I can’t release on Star Wars Day.” I don’t know, like it’s some sacred day or something? I guess that was the reasoning. I’m not even a huge Star Wars fan, but I did adore Carrie Fisher and what Princess Leia was to so many people, so the thought of pushing my new release amidst the tributes and whatnot didn’t feel right.

So, I moved it to the next day. Five is my lucky number, after all, so 5/5 worked. It wasn’t until later that I realized the Cinco de Mayo thing.  Possibly too many run-ins with too many shots of tequila erased the date from my mental directory? Who knows.

I guess it all worked out, though! I mean, who doesn’t think of vampires when they’re drinking tequila and eating tacos at a lively Cinco de Mayo fiesta?! (Literally no one. No one thinks about vampires on Cinco de Mayo. Fml)

Anyway, there you have it — a glimpse into the overthinking, overanalyzing mind of yours truly. Release day is tomorrow!! GET EXCITED!! I know I am!!


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