Post Pre-Release Party Update!

Ha! That was a fun title!

Last night was the pre-release party in Drama Free Book Community!! As always, it was super fun!! There’s still time to get in there to play for swag, books, and these cool vampire glasses.Vampire-Wine-Glass-Red-Liquid-like-Blood-Glass-Tail


Practical? Not really. But neat as hell, right? And they really tie in to Sanguine Malum! So do the bath bombs (also prizes). You’ll understand when you read it!! 😉 GO PLAY

Anyway, you know what they say; all play and no work makes for a shitty release day. Okay, I just made that up, but the point is that I’m at it again today! If you care to take a gander, you’ll notice that I’ve finally added Teabreeze AND SangMal to my books page on the blog! The signed paperback order form is at the bottom as well!! CHECK IT OUT (Thanks again, Kyle! He’s my go-to tech support for these things since I am still getting the hang of this WordPress stuff)

Alright, I’d better get back to work! LESS THAN A WEEK UNTIL RELEASE DAY!! SO EXCITED!!




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