Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Week 3.

These are too funny! Keep ’em coming!

Author Kyle Perkins

by Kyle Perkins

Time for our weekly Bizarre Interview! This week we have the amazing Virginia Johnson!

Question 1: So, what kind of stuff do you write?

I write erotica, suspense and horror. Dabbling a little in sci-fi.

Question 2: What is your idea of a horrible date?

Hmmm… Being forced to spend any amount of valuable time with someone that has no personality or sense of humor. Basically, I’d rather drive thru at Taco-Bell with someone that makes me laugh rather than dine in at an expensive steak place with someone I imagine drowning as they talk.

Question 3: Do you put out on the first date? lol.

Not a chance in hell. A man has to earn that trust. If I have no idea where your dick has been, I’m not going anywhere near it. Besides… I’m not easy.

Question 4: On a scale of 1-Mortified, how embarrassed…

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