Follow my Snapchat for Convention Antics!

Hi there!! Well, the Tampa Indie Author Book Convention is only a few days away, and I am getting super excited! I’ll be tagging along with Ginni and Kyle (event organizers) this week while we make the final preparations for Sunday, and then I’ll be doing my thing at the event and VIP after party all … More Follow my Snapchat for Convention Antics!

Update and Kepler!

Howdy! Long time no see! I know, I know… I really suck at keeping up with my blog. I’ll try to do better for you all; I have just been dedicating all my free writing time to Sanguine Malum, as of late. She’s coming along, and if all goes well I should have her out … More Update and Kepler!

Trigger Warnings?

I made a post about this on the Indie Book Network, but I know some of you don’t troll the forums all too often, so I figured I’d make a blog about it to see what the general consensus is. Trigger Warnings – Yes or No? I typically put trigger warnings on my books, just … More Trigger Warnings?

Ooooh an Indie Author Fb that isn’t Fb?! Sign me up!

So, Kyle just started this thing that I think is pretty cool. I really hope it takes off because it would be nice to have an alternative to Facebook when it comes to social media. Alright, I know there are already several other platforms to use, but what I mean is something like a Facebook … More Ooooh an Indie Author Fb that isn’t Fb?! Sign me up!

A Quick Favor to Ask

Hey there, everybody! If you follow me on Facebook, you likely already know that I will be attending the Tampa Indie Author Book Convention in July 2017. Actually, my blog followers probably know this, too, as I try to reblog any big updates on here. ANYWHO, I am super stoked as this will be my … More A Quick Favor to Ask