Sanguine Malum is LIVE!

It’s aliiiiiive!!! Sanguine Malum is live on Amazon! Hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!!! ❤ Can’t wait to hear what you all think! Here’s today’s pimp post in case any of my blogger buddies feel like spreading the word! The blurb is shortened a little for this just … More Sanguine Malum is LIVE!

Update and Kepler!

Howdy! Long time no see! I know, I know… I really suck at keeping up with my blog. I’ll try to do better for you all; I have just been dedicating all my free writing time to Sanguine Malum, as of late. She’s coming along, and if all goes well I should have her out … More Update and Kepler!

It’s November!

I still can’t believe we are so far into 2016 already! Time definitely flies after you’ve passed all the age-restricting thresholds that are fun, I tell ya! Anyway, I promise I am not blogging to give you a calendar update or my cliche comments on the passage of time. I’m blogging because I am SUPER … More It’s November!

Bait, Brutes, and Bullets is Nominated for Best Dystopian! Please Vote!

Awesome news! Bait, Brutes, and Bullets made it into the top 20 for Best Dystopian Book in the Reality Bites Magazine Book Awards! If you care to browse the different categories to vote for your favorite authors, the polls can be found in this event: Reality Bites Magazine Book Awards – Top 20 Throw some … More Bait, Brutes, and Bullets is Nominated for Best Dystopian! Please Vote!


Teabreeze is LIVE!!! Here’s a spiffy new book trailer Kyle made to celebrate the release!! You can pick up a copy here on Amazon for $2.99! Join us at our Facebook release event here! I love release days! Can’t wait to hear what you all think of this one! ~Lila