10 Tips for Lifting that Writer’s Block

Well, hello there! I didn’t get a ton of writing done on Chorus Mortem yesterday, though I did finally manage to pick away at it a bit. The problem was, I knew what I wanted to do, but the words just didn’t want to emerge. I felt kind of scattered, like my plot was there … More 10 Tips for Lifting that Writer’s Block


Well, I may just be a gigantic nerd, but, (through an article about a kerfuffle of mistaken intent,) I just discovered a YouTube channel that has 18th Century cooking/recipes/reenactments and it has to be one of the coolest things! It’s pretty popular, so many of you probably already know about it. The enthusiasm of Jon … More LURK!


I do a lot of lurking around the internet, usually at oddities or strange circumstances or even just interesting lore surrounding supernatural creatures and the like. Along the way, tidbits of information kind of cling to the back of my brain like brambles and I pick them out when the time comes to put them … More Lurk!