Wicked Weather

Man, oh man. This has been an eye-opening week. Our area got slammed with a nasty storm that sent two tornadoes through our city (I think 5 tornadoes through the area, total) and let me tell you — if I wasn’t paying attention before, I certainly am now. As some of you know, this is … More Wicked Weather

Paperbacks, Audiobooks, and just general release excitement!!

My proofs for Sanguine Malum arrived and they are perfect!! That has to be one of my favorite parts of the publishing process, finally holding something in my hands that started as a tiny flicker of an idea. It’s just too cool, and exciting, and gratifying, and… well, you get the point! Ready to have … More Paperbacks, Audiobooks, and just general release excitement!!

A Quick Favor to Ask

Hey there, everybody! If you follow me on Facebook, you likely already know that I will be attending the Tampa Indie Author Book Convention in July 2017. Actually, my blog followers probably know this, too, as I try to reblog any big updates on here. ANYWHO, I am super stoked as this will be my … More A Quick Favor to Ask

It’s November!

I still can’t believe we are so far into 2016 already! Time definitely flies after you’ve passed all the age-restricting thresholds that are fun, I tell ya! Anyway, I promise I am not blogging to give you a calendar update or my cliche comments on the passage of time. I’m blogging because I am SUPER … More It’s November!