Sunday Funday!

… Eh, maybe? If you follow my author page on Facebook, you’ll know I’m working on a guest post for another blog which I hope to finish up today. Fingers crossed! I would’ve had it done already, I swear, but local weather had other plans for me and knocked out our internet for a few hours yesterday. I had flashbacks to college, finishing up that paper at the last-minute only for the printer to decide that was *just* the right moment to have some error or run out of ink. Why does it always seem to happen that way?

There’s probably a lesson here about procrastination. I’m sure I’ll figure it out one of these days.

I have some goals for Chorus Mortem, too, that I want to reach by the end of the weekend, so it looks like I’m going to be hitting the keyboard pretty hard today. I’d like to get a substantial chunk done ASAP, maybe send it to some people who like the series so they can give me their take on how it’s going so far. I like to write the stories as I want to write them, but some constructive criticism can really help perfect the message. That’s one thing that is so cool about being an indie author – you get to really interact with your readers and they can be just as important to shaping a story as an editor (or the voices in your head).

Okay, it’s time for a coffee refill and an intense writing session.

TTFN! Thanks for reading!

❤ Lila

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