Happy Friday! Weekend reads?


I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet since I have a self-imposed deadline to get back to on Chorus Mortem, but I thought I’d take a sec to wish you all a happy weekend!

Also, I thought hey, this might be a good spot to fish for some good reads since I’ve been completely out of the loop for a while. If you have a book you’ve read recently that you absolutely loved, or and upcoming release that you want to spread the word on, feel free to drop a comment here to let me know! For me, reading a good story is just as important to keep those creative juices going as all my other little rituals and habits (mostly just, like a gallon of coffee LOL). I tend to like books with speculative elements – scifi, paranormal, dystopian… you get my drift. But even if it’s not any of those, you’re welcome to post it! You never know who might stumble across this blog post and find their new favorite book!

I’d really like to be helpful with my peers in the indie world – it’s a tough road to travel sometimes, so a possible future feature of this blog may include more detailed posts about new releases and whathaveyou. Alas, due to time constraints, for now this’ll have to do. Took me half a day to get logged back into all my author accounts, so it’s a process!

Baby steps… baby steps… Ha!

Alright, time to get back to it! Thanks for reading!

❤ Lila

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