So… What’s up with the next Sanguine Malum?

Good question!

I’ve been working on it here and there, but my schedule is opening up a little bit more now that TIABC is finished… so look forward to lots of updates on it! In the meantime, I’ll fill you in with what I can without spoiling!

My working title for this next book is Chorus Mortem, which loosely translates from Latin to ‘Death Dance’. I know, kind of weird… feels like it should be ‘Death Song’, doesn’t it? Anyway, I dig it, and I did set up a Goodreads page with the title! It’s pretty skimpy as of right now. I’ll be updating with the blurb and cover as they come, of course.

This one will continue from our fearless Callie Flynn’s perspective, though I may spice things up with a couple of alternate POVs here and there (kind of depends on how the story wants to be told, so we’ll see!) Things are pretty tense on all sides — vampires, as always, have their own coups and betrayals to combat, and this has been intensified by the events of SangMal. DWM is a skeleton crew of fucked up fuck-ups… they really didn’t get an opportunity to recover from the last conflict before they were thrown into another, nor have they really processed their losses yet. So they’re a bit gun shy, and a lot bitter. Both groups have trust issues, but a common goal, and now they have to work together before there’s no city left to fight over. Conflict, sass, tension… my favorite ingredients!! lol

I’ll be introducing more characters and supernatural elements/beings in this one, so that’s going to be fun!

What paranormal beasties do you wish you saw more often in books and shows?




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