I do a lot of lurking around the internet, usually at oddities or strange circumstances or even just interesting lore surrounding supernatural creatures and the like. Along the way, tidbits of information kind of cling to the back of my brain like brambles and I pick them out when the time comes to put them to good use.

What is my point with all this? Well, since I am absolutely terrible about updating this thing unless I am doing some kind of book release, I thought I might start a new subcategory of quick blog posts with the neat things I’ve come across in my digital travels.

Today, well… this one’s just a big Reddit thread with some leads for some creepy stuff on the internet.


Be warned, I haven’t actually gone through this whole thing… I just started browsing, to be honest, and some of the info looks pretty disturbing so if that’s not your thing, please avoid!

Alright, time to take off! Hope you enjoy the eclectic articles I procure! They won’t always be creepy, but hopefully they will always be interesting. Happy lurking!!


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