Ecta: The Divide – Audiobook!

Good afternoon!!

I’m super excited for him since we embarked on the fascinating world of audiobooks at the same time, so I thought I would make a quick post! Kyle’s first audiobook is available!

Ecta: The Divide is an erotic steampunk/fantasy mashup written by Kyle Perkins and Samantha Harrington (S.E. Foster). I really enjoyed the novella. It has all the best elements; good characters, super sexy sex bits, and an intriguing plot. This is a short one, and the story is to be continued.


For the audiobook, Rob Groves does an engaging narration that reels you in and keeps you there. I love it! You can listen to a short sample on the audiobook listing on Amazon – HERE’S THE LINK!

Even cooler – if you don’t have an Audible account already, you can start a free trial for the month and download Ecta for free! Neat!

Anyway, I will keep this short and sweet so as not to take up too much of your weekend time! Hope you all have a great one! When I’m not helping where I can with TIABC planning, I’ll be sulking… because Florida is as hot as the surface of the sun right now. I’ll take cold over hot any day. Guess I parked myself in the wrong state, huh?  LOL

…Also, I turn 31 tomorrow. Somehow that feels more real than 30 did. Lame. But I’ll have friends and family to help distract me from obsessing over my crow’s feet. So, it’s not so bad. If nothing else, a big bottle of booze should help me forget how old I am (and then remind me EXACTLY how old I am the very next day. Lol)

Talk later!


P.S. I think I have some Ecta teasers still saved in my files… lemme see if I can leave you some pretties.

[Brief intermission]

OH SNAP! I DO! And people say hoarding is a bad thing. Ha!





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