Sanguine Malum Release Events

Just a little update on the Sanguine Malum release! (Here’s that Pre-Order link again if you want to grab a copy)

We’ve got a pre-release party going on April 27th in the Drama Free Book Community Facebook Group. I absolutely love DFBC release parties… we did one for Teabreeze and it was super fun! Make sure to join the group so you can get in on the contests!  They do release parties every Thursday so this is a great group for readers to find some new reads and have some fun!

And finally, on release day (Cinco de Mayo!) we have an evening Facebook event going on! Join here!!

Special shoutout to Anibet, and Anytime Author Promotions for helping me set all this up!! (PS I highly recommend Anytime, they throw amazing events and make the coolest trailers and intros, not to mention they are super affordable. Check ’em out!)

Alright, time to get back to the finishing touches! Hope you all have a great day!




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