When “Bleh” is a State of Being

I said I would update more… so, here we go!

I was wondering why my coffee wasn’t doing the trick yesterday. Turns out, I was getting sick. Bleh bleh double-bleh with some Theraflu on top! You’d think that a sick day wouldn’t particularly affect an author, right? Not so much. Unfortunately, that foggy head thing seeps right onto the page, turning all my fun and exciting ideas to muddled mush.

Nevertheless, I’m determined to get SangMal finished within the next couple of days. My road trip has been postponed and I’d really like to have this puppy under some fresh eyes while I’m gone.

As far as release date… April is a busy month for new releases, it seems a lot of great reads are dropping… so, I’ll likely set up a pre-order for SM soon and aim for an early May release just to space stuff out for readers. I wanted to get this thing out so much sooner, but life has a way of taking what you think you’re gonna do and dropkicking it right in the face.

But hey! I did manage to whip up another teaser for y’all!  Baby steps, right? Right!


Would ya look at that… our mousey Lark grew a backbone! 😉


Hope you all like it!

ICYMI, here’s the Goodreads page to add this sucker to your TBR!: Sanguine Malum

Anyway, I’m off to sluggishly tap at some keys and pray that the words make some kind of sense. Hopefully, this bug is a quick one! Fingers crossed.

Hope you all have a fantastic week!


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