First SangMal Teaser

Hope you all had a marvelous holiday weekend! Mine was fantastic, as it usually is with family, but it’s left me rather exhausted. So, today is all about recovering and getting back into the swing of things with Sanguine Malum.

Just before I left for the weekend, I spent a good chunk of time (too much time, really) farting around with graphics. I ended up with a new teaser for the book, though, so at least my efforts were fruitful!

Here it is!


This was pulled from one of my favorite scenes so far where our lead chick, Callie, dips her toes in with her new vampy frenemies and is hit with some unexpected side effects.

I’ve also finished up a potential cover for the book, but I am on the fence with that. I’m taking the next few days to buckle down and write as much as possible, then I’ll try to decide whether or not I want to commission something this go-round instead. I do like my own covers, but I know they are unconventional. Really, the covers are more for the readers than they are for me, so I might end up taking the road more traveled with this one. But then is that just feeding into the concept that all books need to look the same in order to do well? Am I a sellout if I throw some abs on a cover to draw in more readers?


Well, I’m aiming to have this baby done within the next couple of weeks, so I guess I’d better figure it out soon.

Anyway, I am going to get back to writing, just wanted to post a little update. If any authors who have had similar cover dilemmas are reading this, I’d love your input in the comments! Have you done a cover swap and seen a significant impact to your numbers? No real change? Let me know!

Later y’all,


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