It’s November!

I still can’t believe we are so far into 2016 already! Time definitely flies after you’ve passed all the age-restricting thresholds that are fun, I tell ya!

Anyway, I promise I am not blogging to give you a calendar update or my cliche comments on the passage of time.

I’m blogging because I am SUPER EXCITED about the release of Teabreeze: Part Two! This is the first follow-up book that I’ve put out into the world and I have to say, the pressure to not disappoint was definitely daunting!

Featured Image -- 1095

I’m so happy to report that it has been well received by those who have had the chance to read it.

So, what do we have going on to celebrate the release?

If you want to pre-order, here’s where to get it! 

We’re having a Facebook release event on November 5th! Join, party, win cool stuff… you know the drill!

We also have a ThunderClap campaign to announce the release. Any support is greatly appreciated!


Interested in catching up on book one? Lucky for you I’ve got a link to that, too!

Alright, I think I’ve eased some of my excitement jitters! Hope you all have a wonderful day and that the crash from any Halloween candy binges is quick and painless! 😉

Talk later,


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