Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Week 13.

Great interview! And thanks for the shout out, KZ! Made my week!

Author Kyle Perkins

By Kyle Perkins.

This week we have with us, Krihstin Zink!

Question 1: Well, who are you, and what do you write?

I’m KZ: wife/mama/editor by day, and adult fiction writer when time permits.

Question 2: Not happy about the wife part. The world is unfair. So what else do you do, you know, that eats up your time?

Haha! Well, maybe in another life. 😉 Lol!
Right now, TWD & AHS have been eating up my time.

Question 3: Both of those shows eat up my time as well. Also, Scream Queens. It’s a little embarrassing. Negan, man. Negan. So, if you had to bang one of these people, who would you choose? Eugene from TWD or Lobster Boy?

Now I want to watch SQ too. Lol. Ugh! It’s so strange seeing JDM as Negan, but he plays the villain well. Honestly, he’ll always be John Winchester to me. Really?!…

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