How gaming made me a better author.

I really love this! I only started gaming again in recent years — being an avid reader, I typically would go to books during my free time because I crave a good story and I (wrongly) assumed that games were all about skill and lacked substance. I finally was talked into trying an RPG with a story, and I was blown away! Nowadays, story is just as crucial to a good game as all the other elements. They are almost like movie/book hybrids that you can play. Good RPGs have a “choose your own sory” vibe to them that I totally dig.

Anyway, the point of that ramble is that I totally agree with this blog post. I’m a big fan of this method of storytelling and I am convinced it has made me a much better writer, as well.

..WHEN I don’t waste too much time playing the games, that is.

Author Kyle Perkins

By Kyle Perkins.

Gaming is what got me into writing. I know it sounds weird, but hear me out. Gaming has come a long way since the days of “Space Invaders.” I know a lot of you older people that are probably reading this see games as a waste of time, or maybe something you’re too old to get into. Some may even think that games lack focus, or even a point. Just another time waster. The truth however, is far from that. Games have evolved, and not only are some of the plots deeper and larger than some movies and TV shows, but you’re immersed in it as well. You get to see these worlds through the eyes of the character, hearing what they hear, feeling what they feel. Any decision you make can affect the outcome of the game. When I first started writing, it was because I…

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