Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Week 8.

Love Mark!! Great interview, guys!

Author Kyle Perkins

This week we have Mark McQuillen with us! Let’s get to it.

Question 1: So, who are you and what do you write?
Mark McQuillen Author of The Valkyrie Darkness series and co Author of Queen of Winter.
Epic Fantasy with a little Erotica and Paranormal romance mixed in.
Question 2: So, writing fantasy erotica, is there a high demand for that?
Well yes and no there’s alot of if out there it seems that people focus on the sex. With little or no story. I made the story the first priority. I added the sex scenes later.
Question 3: I’m the same way. A lot of people write plots around the sex, meanwhile I just write stories that could take or leave the sex itself.  I mean, sex happens in real life. To exclude it from a story makes it boring and unrealistic, but also centering a story…

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