Do you want to see attention seeking behavior? Bullying? Betrayal? Then maybe the Indie Book Community is right for you.

We’re better than all this! Here’s to positivity and lifting each other up!

Author Kyle Perkins

By Kyle Perkins.

I’m not here to talk about what went down at a recent signing, or a new book that was released to shame an author. I’m here to talk about the cancer invading every aspect of the indie community that seems to be growing by the day. A product of attention-seeking drama posts and narcissistic abuse of friends and fans alike:


Every single day there is some new “cause” or reason to rile up the indie community, and indie authors have learned that by putting some righteous facade at the forefront of their attack on another person, it can gain traction, causing other people with emotional instability to step in and take up arms.

You see, we now live in 2016, better known as the “PC Era,” which is a code phrase for “As long as I think I am justified, I can attack anyone without consequence…

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