Writing Prompt: Week 9. #specfic

Awesome! Congrats, Janneke!

Author Kyle Perkins

Prompt: You’re a writer who has died. When you cross over, you discover that the worlds you created in your mind are actual places. You’ve now found yourself in your own creation for eternity. What happens next? (If you’re an author, use your worlds, or one of them. =) )

WINNER!!! by Janneke Wolbers!!

I am writing this, I don’t even know how i am doing this. Now i know what you are thinking, how can you not know what you are writing? It is pretty easy to explain to you, if you look past my desk you can see my body lying there.
I had a heart attack a few hours ago. No one has found me yet and i have already seen so many weird things.
There is a woman dressed in white saying she is a reaper and i needed to come with her…

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