SpecFic week 4 winner!

Author Kyle Perkins

So, we are a month in and the stories just keep getting better.

Shout out to Nick Oefinger for the awesome prompt!

Week 4 Writing Prompt – Day 2 of the first manned mission to Mars, and one of the 7-man crew is found brutally murdered. Two more are found dead on day 3. By Day 5, it’s just you and one other crew member. Given the obvious, you barricade yourself inside the living quarters that night. You wake up on day 6 to find your last remaining fellow astronaut brutally slain, just like the rest.

WINNER!!! By Melissa Robitille

Journal of Captain Michael Montoya
August 31, 2043 – “One small step?” Chad’s behavior was extremely unprofessional and turned a historic moment into a mockery of Armstrong’s accomplishment. We set up the habitat. It took two hours longer than expected. The sandstorm activity was considerably worse than we were told…

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