Fine, Tumblr… I never understood you, anyway!


So, my Tumblr was terminated before it even got off the ground! Lame.

I originally made the account with the hopes of becoming more active and having another way to connect with people. Unfortunately, with a few book releases within the last few months and trying to juggle writing and promoting, I really hadn’t done much with it aside from sharing news about my books and supporting a few Thunderclaps here and there. I guess that flagged me as spammy and got my account terminated. I get it, excessive spam is annoying, but honestly I don’t even think I had anyone following me yet so I’m not sure who my posts were bothering. Plus it was my work, for a community that waves the banner of celebrating creativity, it’s kind of a douche move to close someone’s account without warning because they want to post about their creative works.

Mind you, my posts were one every couple of days, tops… so I wasn’t grinding out promo posts like a fiend or anything.

Ah well, c’est la vie. I guess I could make a new one under an alt email. Doesn’t really seem worth it, though. Bright side: I didn’t lose too much and that’s one less social media account to juggle. Negative: there goes “what might have been”… I don’t know, maybe it would’ve been a cool way to stay in touch with fans outside of Facebook and 140 character tweets.

What’s the point of this post? Well, for one, I wanted to whine a little (LOL). But really, I wanted to make a post so those of you who have Tumblr accounts know that they can do this without warning, so be cautious with what you promo on there and how you do it. Maybe make some nonsense posts in between so you seem more “real”. I didn’t lose much, but it’s possible others might so I thought I’d spread the word.

Later gators,


3 thoughts on “Fine, Tumblr… I never understood you, anyway!

  1. As someone who uses Tumblr, I’ll just say you probably dodged a bullet.

    Some of the users on there can become downright nasty if you so much as say one word out of line.


    1. Good to know!! I’ve heard some stories, I guess that’s one of the reasons I was dragging my feet on getting too involved before I had done significant recon/lurking. I’m not very good at walking on eggshells so you’re probably right!

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