Why the PC culture and BuzzFeed are a Blight on society.

What do you think? I’m all for acceptance and love – live and let live, ya know? But I also agree that sometimes the PC brigade takes it way too far. If someone makes a tasteless or ignorant statement, then yeah, maybe they should be corrected so they can evolve… but, we all make mistakes and say the wrong thing, or have been misunderstood at one time or another. It’s definitely a bit extreme to burn someone at the stake for such things.

Author Kyle Perkins

By Kyle Perkins

Our country, like many, was built on competition. It’s the very foundation of capitalism. What would the world look like without competition? Well, for starters, watching sports would be a lot less interesting. If we keep going down this path of “everyone gets a trophy” mentality, what’s the point of even trying or getting better? If you think this is limited to sports, it isn’t. The reason we advanced in industry, was and is, competition. Why would Andrew Carnegie have even bothered if he would have done just fine by being mediocre, and would have received the same praise anyway? Capitalism breeds competition by its very nature. We NEED that competition. Someone out there is always looking for a way to make something better to capitalize and get their share of the market. That is why we have breakthrough technology that changes the world, because someone out…

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