Writing Prompt – Week 2 Winner! #SpecFic

Love Jennifer’s take on the writing prompt in Speculative Fiction Emporium this week. Funny stuff!

Author Kyle Perkins

By Kyle Perkins

This week’s winner isJennifer Long! If you would like to join in the fun or possibly be featured on this blog, just click the blue texthere.

The prompt was: “You just found out that your significant other is not only a shapeshifter, but also every person you’ve ever dated.”

Jennifer’s entry:

Vivian’s eyes went wide when Chuck told her the news.

“I’m not actually a T-Rex,” he admitted after a particularly exhilarating session in bed.

Vivian was too stunned to reply. Her whole life she had only been attracted to dinosaurs. Even when she was a small girl she had always paired her Pretty Peggy dolls with the giant reptiles while playing. To hear his confession was devastating.

“It’s okay, Viv,” he cooed, desperately trying to soothe her as she openly sobbed. “I”m a shape shifter so I can be anything you want…

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