First Writing Prompt Winner!


Author Kyle Perkins


Over at Speculative Fiction Emporium we have just finished our very first ever “Writing Prompt Challenge” where we find a writing prompt online, usually Reddit, and set a word count limit, challenging authors and writers to step out of their comfort zone and flex their creative muscles. Each writer uses the prompt as the basis of their story and seeing what they come up with is a pretty exciting experience! We love being able to pull the community together and breed creativity rather than “just another pimping group.” After all entries are collected, we have the entire group vote on a winner to remove admin bias. We will be doing these each Wednesday in the group, and posting them on Fridays.

This week’s writing prompt was:

“You accidentally kill a reclusive millionaire and manage to cover it up so it’s untraceable to you. The next day, however, it’s all over…

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